10 Ways to Brighten Your Days

black rock formation on ocean

Thanks so much to Jackie Ashton for pulling this article together! These are some of the best ideas I’ve seen for making life simply better.

I know Number 4 on her list will definitely be a big plus for the daily mood. Number 1 is already there. Number 8 will be a challenge, personally – but I still agree. Should probably drop any sarcasm when I employ Number 5. The second item will be a game changer, as I forever aim for that Better Homes look on a no money budget. For Number 9 would be, Everything about Homemaking!

Speaking of tidying up – think of the tide that comes through twice a day and cleans everything up for a clean fresh start. Imagine if it didn’t. So, bending like a reed I say to my homemaker self, “You got this – Tidy up! Hell, yeah!”

How do you brighten the day? Please comment with your family-friendly ideas.


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