A Logical Argument

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In debate, there are only two types of arguments. One is an argument of fact, the other, an argument of opinion. Neither one is worth the trouble of a passionate fight, especially among friends.

In the first case, an argument of fact can be avoided – just look the facts of the question up and settle the matter. Admittedly, this can be harder to accomplish than a simple internet search. Some questions take years of research and digging to find anything approximating the truth. If this is the case in an argument between friends and family, the logical thing to do is suspend or table the question. In the language of today, “put a pin in it, we’ll get back to this later.”

The other type of argument is a question of opinion. Literally. It is your preference vs. the other guy’s. This is vanilla vs. chocolate at the ice cream shop, and also not worth fighting over. Try giving each other a little room for compromise, like maybe Neapolitan? Or two different cones? Seriously, the world is too small to fight over this stuff.

Now for that pin… It seems the trouble really arises when we cannot trust or even find the reference material required to settle an argument of fact – like, “Is there life on Mars?” The truth is… we simply don’t know, yet. So, we dig for answers. And that perseverance in research is where real scientific passion comes in handy.

But in the meanwhile, as we continue the search for fact with open minds and childlike curiosity, maybe embracing Mystery as a healthy dose of “I don’t know… yet.” is the only logical solution.


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