Black Friday

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American Homemakers are supposed to get all worked up about the day after Thanksgiving, as if this day, a Friday, is the perfect day to do all one’s holiday shopping at one swoop. Obligingly this one, perfect shopping day is designed to put black ink on the retailer’s ledger – enough to make up for any losses in the previous 10 months and provide a comfortable bit of slack in the store’s coffers for the following year as we put packages under the highly commercialized tree.

I do get a little worked up about the day, but only because calling the day ‘Black Friday’ is insulting to the women who suffered the day that earned this horrific title for the first time in 1910, being beaten and assaulted by 6,000 policemen and a government intent on denying women the right to vote. That was an ocean away. The women there were later awarded medals for their bravery, and two died. It took another ten years before women were given “suffrage” (voting privileges) in the UK, and another few before the US followed suit.

Now their struggle is all beginning to sound a bit like current events, but this happened over 100 years ago in a land far away. Still, ironically, the modern shopping day that uses the term for marketing purposes still offers US gals the opportunity to vote – but with our dollars and a little common sense instead of a ballot in the box. At least on this day.

I’m not a very commercial type of person. Sure, I love a window shopping adventure with a friend or two, but that is just an excuse to spend time with someone I care about. And Christmas (at my age) is more about socks and stationery than toys and games. Like Thanksgiving, the gathering and meal is the highlight but we wrap it up with silly paper and extra stress of finding the perfect gift.

Today, I think I will stay home and begin my Christmas baking instead of partaking in “Black Friday” sales. I bet everyone will eat the yummy treats baked with love, even if they aren’t on the diet. Save any shopping for Small Business Saturday, or Cyber-sale Monday. I certainly wouldn’t give the excursion a name that reminds me how hard it is to be a woman, and busily ignore the folks who want us to spend money we probably can’t afford on meaningless commercialism that doesn’t say “I love you” like a plate of cookies.


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