Blooming Cocoa Pantry Brownies

Having never understood the urge to purchase a more expensive pre-mixed box of flour, plus a bunch of other things already in the pantry, I am torn between taking the time to post this link, and making a batch of these brownies to eat! We both win, as I need photos.

Huge “Thank you!” to Tami Weiser for putting together the original article. It is the blooming cocoa that makes this recipe special! Now, I am off to the kitchen…

Notes: These brownies came out perfectly. Here are some little changes to the recipe, because I just couldn’t help myself.

Butter instead of oil. (I almost always prefer butter in a recipe, don’t you?)

Less sugar. (This is also pretty standard procedure for me. This time I used 1-2/3 c organic Raw Cane Sugar. Next time will probably only use 1-1/2 c.)

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    1. Thanks! It is made so every brownie is a crunchy edge piece – forget where I found it… if you zoom in, I think you can see the brand. 😉

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