Ever-Expanding Housework

Axiom #1~ This handy reminder was given to me when my twin boys were very, very young and the household quite chaotic.

Housework expands to fill the time allotted.  ~G’ma Bea

It was the kids’ paternal grandmother, my much loved mom-in-law, Grandma Bea who said this to me. It was neither the first nor last amazing insight she hit me with as I struggled, constantly, to live up to her example. It was impossible for me to try to be her, but silly me I tried anyway.

G’ma Bea was a Homemaker Extraordinaire (which should be an official title). Growing up on a farm during the Depression taught her many (almost) lost homemaker skills, like the art of floating an egg– but that is another story.

However, considering housework: Remember that house keeping will take as much time as you allow. Surprise yourself and see how much can be accomplished in 10 or 15 minutes. By setting a time limit you can focus without fear of ‘wasting’ the whole day on an unpleasant task. Even big jobs (like Spring Cleaning) can be accomplished this way, with a little perseverance…

Okay, a lot of perseverance. And follow through, too. But isn’t that just what a pro would do? You’ve got this. 


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