Prepping for the Holidays

two mug of cafe latte

Powdered milk is a wonderful add to the pantry for those ‘just in case’ moments, fantastic for bakers who don’t otherwise keep milk on hand, and the non-fat variety is relatively easy to find on the grocery shelves. I thought that non-fat was the only kind that could be made…

Ever hopeful, I recently renewed my search for powdered whole milk online and ~ eureka! ~ I found it, plus a few other interesting items from Hoosier Hill Farms.

Thankfully, this wonderful item is available to everyone through our affiliate link with Amazon. Open the link (click on the photo) from this page and have fun. You get great Amazon deals and we get a little thank you for the mention. Another win-win for you, the generous and clever.

Here’s a recipe to play with…

Home-mix Hot Cocoa
¼ cup powdered whole milk
1 tbsp. cocoa powder
1 tbsp. sugar
Use a French whip to froth this mix in 1 cup hot water (more or less mix depending on the mug)


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