About the Homemakers Guild

Homemakers are the largest volunteer labor force in the world. Finally, we have a Guild of our own! Consider this your invitation to be part of something amazing and new.

Not the name of cookware anymore, the Homemakers Guild is more than just a blog, too. Beyond the blog and behind the scenes is our own private social media platform, developed for invited members of the Homemakers Guild. Once there, it’s easy to make connections, invite others, join groups, and join in topic forums. Your friends can’t join unless you invite them… Have you received your invitation yet?

Ask the questions that only Homemakers face, or give your experienced answer. Together we probably know it all! That’s why we need each other- to pass on lessons learned over generations, to share our achievements, and joys.

And have fun, too! Cooking, cleaning, caring for family all have their definite rewards – honest! The sum of homemaking’s contribution is much larger than our individual efforts, echoing through generations.

And you will save money by being a Homemaker. That is what we do: the impossible, with nothing. Sort of a definition of homemaking. Please contact us if you’d like to sign up. If you can afford to make a small donation, we’d love your help to keep our community site running.

The world is changing. We can make our homes so much happier. Let’s prepare real food when we’re hungry and welcome the day when dads spend time with their kids and not call it “babysitting”. When moms have wage parity at work. A day when kids grow up to take care of chores like grownups.

We start at Home to make the whole World a better place, because Home is where real change begins. Love is the Key. You make the difference.

P.S. If you are looking for information on the cookware (discontinued in 1964) try searching Regal Ware. There are even a few replacement parts available on the official site!